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Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling at Vitruvian Fitness is designed to make you a better person and a better rider outside. For sure it’ll get your heart and lungs burning; for sure the music is cranked and the energy is off the charts; for sure you’re going to sweat like you’re in a sauna; and for sure you’re going to crush your next ride outside.

You’re going to get a stronger butt, stronger legs, stronger heart, and stronger lungs. And you’re going to get indomitable will and drive – no extra charge.

Come prepared to ride true to the way you ride outside – hills, speed work, intervals, pace lines, switchbacks, grinds, and good times.

Functional Training

Functional X is like bootcamp but more fun, more better, more goal oriented. It’s all about getting stronger as a team. Fast paced, high intensity, total body, always different and always fun!


TRX Suspension Training utilizes the single most effective training tool around. Work you core, chest, back, legs, glutes, heart, lungs and spirit with one single device. All core all the time.


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