Getting Started

Every membership at Vitruvian Fitness begins with a trial period because we want you to get a crystal-clear picture of how we work, what we can accomplish together, and how great our community is – before you make a long-term commitment.

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Because there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to your health and fitness, we use the trial membership to get to know you – to get to know what your starting point is, what your strengths are, what your goals are, and how prepared you are to begin working toward those goals.

Everyone is unique and how we work together reflects that.

What Comes After the Trial Period

As you’ll learn during the trial, we offer two different tracks of exercise programming: Personal Training and Small Group Exercise Classes

Personal Training is a completely customized and individualized exercise program for you. It starts where you are and progresses at your pace according to your long-term goals. You work with a trainer on a program that has a specific set of goals and ways to measure your progress.

Personal Training is a process and requires a time and lifestyle commitment. It costs between $30 and $50 per session depending on how frequently you train. Training memberships are 6 months in length.

Small Group Classes are based on our functional training approach to fitness for groups of 12-18 people. All participants in group classes do the same workouts as everybody else.

Small Group Classes can be purchased in 6-month memberships or punch cards and cost between $6 and $20 per class depending on how often you attend classes and how long of a time commitment you make.

What to Know About Personal Training at Vitruvian Fitness

Training at Vitruvian Fitness is unique in many ways.

First and foremost, we train your entire body, every workout, the way it functions in real life. This means we’re pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting, locomoting, and swinging or striking. We start your program where you are and progress in the direction of your goals at your pace.

Second, we’re not bodybuilding. We don’t have anything against that, but our purpose is function over physique. You’ll look and feel great doing our program but you’re not going to build big bulging biceps and huge legs.

Third, we train in small groups of 2-5 people.

Semi-Private Training is individualized and customized personal training. You’re just sharing the time of a personal trainer with up to 4 other people. You get all the attention you need and all room to thrive. But that’s why it doesn’t cost $100 per hour.

You may be working out side by side with a person who is rehabbing an injury, training for Ironman, someone improving body composition, a new mom working her way back to pre-baby fitness, or maybe a recent retiree who is lifting weights to offset the effects of so many decades. Everybody’s here for their own reasons, working on their own program, experiencing and enjoying the camaraderie of working hard together.

And all of them are spending a whole lot less than $100 per hour.

What to Know About Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes at Vitruvian Fitness are based on the same functional training philosophy as our personal training, just modified to work in a group setting.

We have classes for beginners, for experts, for fitness junkies, for stressed out folk, and for Zen seekers.

Our classes have cool names like Functional X, Foundational X, Recovery X, and TRX where the X stands for eXercise and the first word gives you a notion of what you’re in for.
(fyi, TRX = Total body Resistance eXercise)

To complement all that, we also have an Indoor Cycling Program that’s all about legitimate cardiovascular fitness and cycling performance. Many of our riders are here to get in better cycling condition but most are here just to have a great time while having a great workout. So, it works for everybody. But we don’t do anything goofy on our bikes that you wouldn’t do on a real bike outside.

We also have a Vinyasa Flow Yoga class on Sundays to help balance out all the hard work you’re doing the rest of the week.

What’s a Membership Cost?

Toward the end of your trial period, we’ll make a training recommendation that will reflect where you’re starting and what your goals are. Then you can take that recommendation and pick out the membership that fits your needs, time, and budget.

Just like your specific training needs and objectives, how we structure your membership can be customized, too. Our membership plans start at $99 for unlimited group classes and top out at $389 for unlimited training and unlimited classes.

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