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Functional Training

Functional Training is an exercise program that enhances every aspect of your game. Whether it’s the game of life or some other recreational or competitive sport, functional training makes you better.

Our program begins with the Functional Movement Screen™  to identify what you do well and what needs improvement. Then, beginning where you are and heading to where you want to go, we use a joint-by-joint approach to improve your overall mobility/flexibility, core-strength, joint integrity, strength, power, endurance, and athleticism.

And you’ll have fun doing it.

Personal Training


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Personal Training

Our training programs provide the structure, accountability, safety and individualization to help you achieve your goals – whatever they are.
  • Exercise is medicine. It helps prevent, cure, cope or recover from a number of chronic diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, heart disease, depression, and cancer.
  • Exercise is rehabilitative. It enhances the recovery from injuries and surgeries to ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and backs.
  • Exercise is performance enhancing. It improves everything from simple activities of daily living all the way through sports specific agility, speed, strength and power.

Your Personalized Success Plan

We’ll plan your work and work your plan! From our initial meeting and assessments through the execution of our workouts, we’ll create a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

  • Assessment

    One-on-one consultation where we discuss your exercise and injury history, current health and goals. This is when we perform the Functional Movement Screen.

  • Program Design

    Using the information we gathered at the initial session, we design your program factoring in your strengths, limitations and goals.

  • Training

    Working in 2 to 3 week blocks, we carry out the program – progressing when you're ready and re-assessing what needs more attention. We move forward at your pace.

  • Re-Assess

    At the end of each block, we evaluate how well you did and move to the next appropriate level in your program.

Allison’s Story

I discovered Vitruvian Fitness fitness a few months ago while looking for a supplement to physical therapy for recovery from knee surgery.

With no previous weight training experience and limited activity due to my knee, learning proper technique and form was critical. Tom and Mark are great, and their knowledge and support help motivate me to make it to early morning work outs. I’ve know that I’ve made significant progress already and definitely recommend the group training.

Allison Brandt

Gayla’s Story

After two years of strength training, my bone density increased 8% in each hip and 3% in my spine keeping me off the meds my doctor was planning to put me on.

After a diagnosis of osteopenia, I took Fosamax for four years (2004-2007).  Starting in 2009, there was a decline in bone density from that point forward. I started working out at Vitruvian in August 2013.  After two years of strength training, my latest bone density test (Sept 2015) showed an increase of 8% in each hip and 3% in the spine. I am extremely grateful to my trainers at Vitruvian, not just because of the increased bone health, but because of the overall strength, mobility and flexibility I’ve gained since working out here.

Gayla Lewis

Kristi’s Story

My semi-private training sessions, which consist of 2-4 students, are an affordable alternative to one-on-one personal training.

Tom has the ability to individualize his advice and training, as well as to keep each session innovative. He knows how to motivate you, make you laugh, and still get you to sweat and work your tail off during the one hour session. I love the workouts and have noticed huge improvements in my strength, build, and personal motivation.

Kristi Griffith-Jones

Jeff’s Story

I love my Saturday Spin class – a fun, grueling, beat myself up, earn a hearty second breakfast, feel like a recharged battery way to start the weekend.

That and my 2 a week training sessions have given me improved energy, stamina and a body that can now wear trim cut suits! These guys have great equipment and it’s spotless. If you’re looking for a gym/fitness studio where you can really get results, this is it.

Jeff Katz

Tiffany’s Story

I just left my Sunday Vitruvian yoga class and had to share with you my thoughts. The entire class is a sublime experience.

There is no judgment and they are always providing technical instruction to help us hone our positions. It is an incredibly welcoming atmosphere. Almost without realizing it, my heart is pumping, my muscles are active and I feel very much alive. It’s almost like the workout sneaks up on you, ha! She always leaves us with some positive remark that keeps me focused and appreciative throughout the week.

Tiffany Richardson

Chelly’s Story

Vitruvian Fitness is a great place. The sense of community there is awesome and I both enjoy and appreciate the wide variety of challenging classes.

A few months ago I had a serious medical issue and Vitruvian has been a HUGE asset to my recovery and rehab. Tom and Derrick have been absolutely amazing, helping me out and keeping an eye on me every step of the way.
If you are looking for a gym that will push you, help you achieve your fitness goals and where you can really feel like you belong, Vitruvian is the place for you.

Chelly Klann

Matt’s Story

Vitruvian Fitness is an awesome fitness studio with exceptionally high-quality training and personalized coaching.

If you want to transform your fitness, your appearance, your performance in any sport, or you simply want more resilience and vitality in your everyday life– whether you’re starting from couch-potato or top competitor — this is the place! Tom and his crew provide a phenomenal mix of precise instruction, challenge, and encouragement, with a deep knowledge of what works to keep each client improving steadily and sustainably. Simply the best fitness classes I’ve ever experienced, anywhere.

Matt Nathan


30 Days of Personal Training +
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