The 14-Day Vitruvian Experience

Introductory Offer. Try a Little of Everything We Do.

The Deal:

Two Weeks of Personal Training
Two Weeks of Group Classes
Functional Movement Screen
Fitness Evaluation

Your Transformation:

Feel amazing. Move great. Look great.
Amazing sleep. Better coordination. Higher confidence.
More flexibility. Better balance. Healthier appetite.
Fewer aches and pains. Get faster. More endurance.
And strong, too!

Only $89

Invest In Your Health

After Your Introductory Offer, Choose the Right Program for You.

Private One-on-One Personal Training

6 Week Training Blocks


Price $

1 $100 Buy
6 $599 Buy
12 $1159 Buy
18 $1529 Buy

Semi-Private Personal Training

Each Client Works Out w/ Own Program but Shares the Trainer with 1 to 4 People

6 Month Membership

Monthly Auto-Pay



12 $389 Buy
8 $299 Buy
4 $179 Buy


Monthly Auto-Renew – Cancel Anytime



12 $479 Buy
8 $359 Buy
4 $199 Buy

Small Group Classes

8 to 12 People per Class

6 Month Membership

Monthly Auto-Pay



Unlimited $119 Buy
12 $99 Buy
8 $79 Buy


Monthly Auto-Renew – Cancel Anytime



12 $199 Buy
8 $99 Buy
Extra Classes $12 Buy

Punch Passes

Expires 3 Months from First Use


Total $

8 $129 Buy
16 $229 Buy
Drop In $20 Buy

Cancellation Policy

CLASSES: Cancellation window is 2 hours. If you late-cancel or no-show, your class will be deducted from your available number of classes. If you are on an unlimited class plan and late cancel or no-show, you will be charged a Late Cancellation Fee of $5. All early cancellations must be done online (or on the app).

: Cancellation window is 2 hours. If you late cancel or no-show, your training session will be deducted from your available number of training sessions.

Waitlist Policy

If you place yourself on the waitlist, we will assume that you are planning to attend the class if you get in. If you get in, you will receive a text message alerting you that you got into class. Please follow the instructions on the text message to confirm or cancel your reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

View some of our FAQs below.

I don’t get your domain name, What’s it mean?

Vitruvian Man Fitness. Vmfit is short and easy to write and not that prone to misspelling. And it was available!

What does Vitruvian mean?

In 1492, Leonardo Da Vinci drew the Vitruvian Man based on a Roman architect named Vitruvius’ observations of balance, proportion and symmetry as they related to architecture. Da Vinci took these concepts and applied them to the human body in his famous drawing.

Do you coach bodybuilders or MMA fighters?

We respect those sports but they do not fit into our training philosophy or facilities.

What is Lactate Threshold and how do you measure it?

Lactate Threshold refers to a work-pace and intensity you can sustain for about an hour. It’s often referred to as aerobic threshold although it’s slightly more involved than that. Read this article we wrote to learn more.

Do you do performance testing?

We do lactate threshold testing for runners and cyclists.