Kristine Disney – 100 Club
I’ve been going to Vitruvian Fitness since last September, 2015. I have worked out for 35 years, mostly on my own. I decided that I didn’t want to be an overweight, out of shape middle-aged woman anymore, (after taking a year off from exercise) and I couldn’t do it on my own. I am so pleased with my results!


The workouts are hard, and I always think I can’t do it, but Tom and Mark do a wonderful job of keeping you going, just when you want to quit. The gym is immaculately clean, always organized and I have enough room to work out.


I still have a ways to go, (it takes longer when you get older) but things are coming together! I got asked out by a guy much much younger than me this week, so something must be working! 😉

Chelly Klann – 100 Club
Vitruvian Fitness is a great place. The sense of community there is awesome and I both enjoy and appreciate the wide variety of challenging classes. A few months ago I had a serious medical issue and Vitruvian has been a HUGE asset to my recovery and rehab. Tom and Derrick have been absolutely amazing, helping me out and keeping an eye on me every step of the way.


If you are looking for a gym that will push you, help you achieve your fitness goals and where you can really feel like you belong, Vitruvian is the place for you. ~

Darci Cherry – 700 Club
I’ve been working out at Vitruvian Fitness for about 5 years and could not be happier with the results! I always feel challenged by my workouts and am stronger than I’ve even been. The trainers are excellent coaches, providing encouragement and support and ensuring that you move safely and correctly to avoid injury.


Vitruvian offers group exercise classes (strength/conditioning, spin, TRX, kettlebell, sometimes yoga), personal training, and nutrition counseling. There are clients of all ages and abilities, including clients who are working to restore strength and movement after an injury or surgery.


While the studio is no longer in the Highlands (it used to be at 32nd and Tejon), it’s still owned by a Highlands family, Tom and Amy Wigginton. The spacious new location at 44th and Wadsworth is not that far from our neighborhood and there’s plenty of parking!


There are several options for “trying out” Vitruvian, including a 2 week plan that offers a consultation and functional movement screen, personal training and group classes–could make a great gift or help jump start your New Year’s resolutions.


In addition to excellent workouts, the community of trainers and clients at Vitruvian is welcoming, supportive and friendly!

Larry Gelin
I started working out with Vitruvian three months ago.  They are taking great care of me.  The workouts are fun, specific to my needs, and the group personal training makes it affordable.


I had an okay fitness level before, but since I joined Vitruvian I’ve improved strength, endurance and flexibility.  I’ve had folks that I have known for a long time (and didn’t see for a while) tell me that I stand up straighter, bulked up, and look younger.  You can’t beat that!

Brian Hoffmeyer – 300 Club
Love, love, love Vitruvian! Great workouts no matter what your fitness level. The owner, Tom, is a  great guy who is passionate about his job and all of the instructions know their stuff too. Go and go often…it will make you better looking and more interesting at parties!
Lisa Rodgriguez – 300 Club
I can’t say enough about how great this place is.  You get more bang for your buck in every way.  All trainers are super attentive and supportive of your goals, Personal training and classes are affordable especially when you consider someone is always there helping you get what you came for.


Motivation is not just yelling and telling you what to do, it’s a combination of group effort and achievement.  Form and function are a huge part of every session and I have never had so much energy and desire to go back even when I am feeling like the gym is the last place I want to be. I always leave with a smile and look forward to going back.

Jean Cimino
LOVE attending Vitruvian Fitness! A variety of classes that I can schedule through their app, great instructors, a fun and community-minded owner, and beautiful space!


This is not your typical gym environment – lots of positive support and laid back instructors that make exercising fun. I love supporting this local, independent biz!

Rachelle Dodge – 100 Club
I always get an amazing workout at Vitruvian. The classes are fun, the instructors actually pay attention to you and your form, and it is never boring. I feel so strong and energized after a workout- even at 6am!


The fact that I can schedule my classes in advance keeps me accountable to myself and goals, and making excuses to skip a workout isn’t even an option. Love it!

Chelly Klann – 100 Club
Vitruvian Fitness is a great place. The sense of community there is awesome and I both enjoy and appreciate the wide variety of challenging classes. A few months ago I had a serious medical issue and Vitruvian has been a HUGE asset to my recovery and rehab. Tom and Derrick have been absolutely amazing, helping me out and keeping an eye on me every step of the way.


If you are looking for a gym that will push you, help you achieve your fitness goals and where you can really feel like you belong, Vitruvian is the place for you. ~

Angeline Burke – 500 Club
I’ve been a happy client at Vitruvian for more than 4 years. I started here with personal training which got me in great shape for my wedding. Their Bootcamp, Indoor Cycling and TRX classes have kept me coming back. The workouts are as hard as you want to make them, but they are always fun (at least when you’re finished!). Working out at Vitruvian has made me stronger than I ever expected, and I’ve overcome some chronic/reoccurring issues through personalized strength training. I’m now coming back from a surgery and physical therapy, and excited to get back into shape with the help of Vitruvian’s personal training over the next few months.
I need a class structure to get a good workout – I can’t do it alone at a gym. All the instructors/trainers at Vitruvian kick your butt while making sure you are keeping perfect form. They are all about form and proper technique, which not only makes for a more efficient workout, but also prevents injury. I’ve never injured myself while working out here.


The yoga classes are geared towards fitness. I’m not “into yoga” but I really enjoy these. The Bootcamps (now “Functional Training”) and TRX classes push you and typically get your cardio and strength training in one. I’m looking forward to trying the new Kettlebell class soon.
The Indoor Cycling program is absolutely top notch and is great for recreational riders and racers alike. Tom, Julia and all the instructors “keep it real,” meaning this is NOT aerobics-on-a-bike and everything you do in class is realistic for a road ride. They have a solid winter training program to get ready for spring and summer riding. The program uses Lactate Threshold testing to track your exertion and progress, so for each class (whatever combo of base building, climbing, or all-out grab-a-bucket sprinting) you know exactly how hard you should push, how hard you actually are working, and when to recover. In the warmer months, Vitruvian offers outside road rides just for fun or for their team training for the Triple Bypass or Copper Triangle (or others rides).
I could keep going, but best to check it out yourself. It’s a great experience all around, and a welcoming and social atmosphere.


PS. Their NEW space in Wheat Ridge is awesome. Plenty of room to swing Kettlebells, a roomy bike room, high end equipment, EASY PARKING right out front, and a shower!

Cheryl Ader-Dunne – 700 Club
I have been going to Vitruvian for almost two years. I’ve seen significant improvement in my outdoor cycling strength, as a result of regular TRX and indoor cycling classes year-round.


I also started training with Tom about five months ago. I wanted to be in stellar shape for my wedding. Tom knows how to push just the right amount to get you to accomplish what you might not think you could. Without realizing it, I lost 8 lbs in the process of regular trainings and classes, and have never felt stronger.

Jeff Katz – 400 Club
I love my Saturday Spin class – a fun, grueling, beat myself up, earn a hearty second breakfast, feel like a recharged battery way to start the weekend. That and my 2 a week training sessions have given me improved energy, stamina and a body that can now wear trim cut suits! These guys have great equipment and it’s spotless. If you’re looking for a gym/fitness studio where you can really get results, this is it.
Michelle Warner – 500 Club
I can’t say enough great things about Vitruvian. When I started coming in I was in a ton of pain from a back injury and unsure where to turn. After training with Tom and Derrick my pain is gone, I’m so much stronger than I’ve ever been, and I understand how important having a strength routine is to keeping me safe and active during all of the mountain and water activities I’m so passionate about outside of the gym. Not to mention I always have a lot of fun during my training sessions! I also love Vitruvian’s classes.


Their spin classes in particular are set up like training rides so you feel like you have a real goal for the hour you’re there, and that set up allows you to easily see how much you improve in a short time. And the best part: Vitruvian is not intimidating at all; in fact they are the most friendly, motivating and encouraging group I’ve ever been around at a gym, and I’ve been to a lot. If you’re in the neighborhood consider yourself lucky and stop in and give Vitruvian a chance (I live across town but still love them enough to get up extra early in the morning to get there in time for early morning sessions).

Claire Cartford
This place is great! The training and knowledge base of the staff is superlative. There are people of all ages that come here and benefit greatly. As a slightly older-than-the-average person, I never feel alone, singled out, pushed too hard or not hard enough. Everything in this program is about maximizing you as an individual with care, concentration and effort.


This is true whether you are in classes or semi- or private training. My knee troubles have gone away. My lower back issues are in steady decline due to careful and successful strengthening. I am planning for and know that I will be prepared for a whole variety of fun summer activities this year, including many things I have not participated in in recent years. Find them and go! You will not regret making this choice for yourself!

Debra Brown
I found Vitruvian Fitness through a Live Local Wheat Ridge event and I am so incredibly grateful I did! I have had a membership at 24 Hour Fitness since 2010, and have tried out many “boutique” gyms throughout that time. But each was either too easy or too expensive, or too crowded, or too boring.


Vitruvian Fitness has truly won my business for the following reasons:


1. It is locally owned and the owner rocks. He was calling us by name by the 2nd time we showed up and he truly is committed to helping his customers achieve their fitness goals. And he has done a great job of hiring instructors that clearly also have a genuine interest in the success of customers. This makes for a great environment to really challenge yourself.


2. The classes are exactly what I need, and the instructors are incredible! I get bored easy, and have been working out regularly the majority of my 33 year long life, so it’s not easy to find classes that both keep my interest and challenge me. But I can honestly say I have not yet attended a single class (I’ve gone to 10 now) where we did the same sequence of exercises, and I didn’t leave feeling the burn. Mark Micucci does a particularly amazing job of putting together unique, mentally stimulating, and challenging routines. I’ve also been really impresses with how consistently the instructors check and correct form for each exercise throughout each circuit. It really is quite impressive!!!


3. Classes are fairly priced and affordable. If you ask me – and again – I’ve been around the block – Vitruvian Fitness offers the best value out there. I think it is completely reasonable to pay $9.00 to go to a class, especially given the small class size (most class sizes ranged from 4-8 people – 10 is the biggest class I attended and I think there is a cap of 12 per class), state of the art equipment, and quality of instruction.


Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else anytime soon!

Juan Padro
Great workout, great people. Having played 2 college sports I’ve had my fair share of trainers that helped me tremendously throughout the years. Then, as you get older you go to “the gym” or these “boot camps” which are a bit more effective than throwing weights around. We all have the same issues which include motivation, time, proper technique…..Ask yourself, what exactly are you looking to get out of your workout? I started asking myself that question and I didn’t like the answers like I have to lose weight, I need to get in shape (what does that mean?), I need to do this and that…


I had forgotten what it means to train like an athlete which is to say train for performance and boy what a difference that makes. Performance is everything whether it’s for a specific sport or your everyday life. All of that other stuff comes with it, but without having the proper focus you ebb and flow and eventually you stop going, gain weight and start the cycle all over again.


I’m back on the ice, playing hockey at a high level and I have more energy for every day activities than I have had since college. And on a side note I’ve lost 26 lbs, fit into a pant size I haven’t been able to get into in a decade and feel great. Thanks Tom!

Mary Munoz – 200 Club
I just love working out at Vitruvian. It’s a small neighborhood studio, so people know your name–or at least your face–and always say hello. Instructors: All of the instructors are not only very nice, they are very educated and take the time to make sure we are using proper form. I find myself laughing regularly–they make class fun (all the while kicking your butt!).


They are always happy to show how to modify–easier or harder–and correct your form so you don’t injure yourself. Fitness: The actual workouts are great. I mainly do TRX but I also do the cycling class. Both are very challenging and I always walk out of there feeling like I did something good. Although I mainly do TRX, I don’t feel like I do the same workout twice. Cycling is always challenging for me but I continue to do it for the variation. The instructors always help me adjust my bike properly and make sure we are using proper form. Space is limited, but they have done a great job adding classes.


Their waitlist system works pretty well—I have gotten into classes that were full due to someone changing their schedule. All in all, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s not as cheap as chain gyms, but I work out more now than when I was a member of one of those gyms. It’s your health: it’s worth every penny.

Jerry Dorsey – 300 Club
After turning 39, I decided to make the commitment and get back in shape. Having suffered from lower back pain and an extreme ankle sprain that prevented me from running, I searched for a gym that was functional and not cosmetic, meaning, I wanted to build a solid physical foundation that would allow me to continue being active in the activities I enjoy.


I approached Vitruvian Fitness and talked to them about my goals and how I wanted to build a strong core to prevent further injuries to my lower back and to build a strong foundation that would allow me to continue running, hiking, and cycling. After my assessment test with Vitruvian Fitness, they custom tailored workouts that would address my imbalances and weakness and begin to strengthen my core. The workouts are always challenging and target multiple body parts that combine flexibility, balancing, strength, and cardiovascular strength.


The trainers are always watching and correct for poor form and they are quick to adjust the workout if I am feeling the slightest pain. I have never been bored and have always left feeling challenged and spent but overall feeling good. Before joining Vitruvian Fitness I was always envious of the people that could cycle up Rabbit Ears Pass or trail run at elevations greater than 9000ft. I have been with Vitruvian Fitness for 9 months and with their help I am no longer envious because I am now that person that can do those things.

Max Shefte-Jacobs
This is the first place I have taken any group exercise classes and enjoyed it enough to come back for more. The environment is welcoming, positive, and low pressure!
Kyle Cohrs
Wide variety of classes that help with functional movement and strength. From what I have seen they have something for everyone and will custom build programs and workouts to your needs and ability keeping your goals in mind. Definitely a top notch facility with great employees. Stop in and see for yourself.
Annie Lynch – 100 Club
The best spin in the city! Really kicks butt!
Melanie and Bryan Batista
Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all of Tom and the team’s hard work helping Bryan and I look and feel fabulous at our wedding. We truly enjoyed working out with you and miss our weekly sessions at Vitruvian (it’s hard to kick your own butt!).


We would recommend Vitruvian Fitness to anyone who is looking to take their fitness to another level, who is sick of the same old exercise routine, and who is looking for serious results in a short period of time. The results we had in a short period of time (I went for 12 weeks and Bryan for 6 weeks) were amazing!


Not only did we lose weight but gained some serious muscle. The way we think and choose foods is extremely different and your education has made us successful at making good choices. Of all the wedding expenses, this was the best money spent! We think you should definitely consider a satellite location in Lakewood someday…you would have your first customers waiting at the front door! Thanks for everything.

Miguel Ali
God Bless these guys! If I could give six stars, I would! I don’t spend much time in Denver, but when I’m out here, I want a good gym that provides a good work out. In Los Angeles, I mostly do pilates, but there aren’t many options for that here in Denver — thus, I checked out Vitruvian’s website and saw a link about TRX Training TRX is a lot like pilates, with the exercises focused on the core, but it has a modern twist to it — I started attending TRX training classes at Vitruvian and I’m absolutely addicted!


I feel like I’m working and flexing the exact same muscles I would with pilates, but in a more intense fashion – it’s an absolutely fun class too. The trainers treat you like family and the facilities are way clean — the other people in the class tend to also be very cool — don’t be intimidated — all levels are welcome and everyone is way cool and down to earth. Consider me a TRX-Vitruvian junkie!

Josh Tucker – 200 Club
I’ve been going to Vitruvian since 2011 and have been especially pleased with the upgraded new facility. Most importantly they have managed to maintain having instructors of the highest quality.  If you are dealing with a busy daily schedule and need to achieve maximum results in an hour group class, semi-private, or private training session then you have found a home here.  Both the Spin and TRX classes have been particular favorites over the years.  Vitruvian has a great vibe and both a highly motivated owner and instructors, give it a shot and your body and mind will thank you!!!
Tiffany Richardson – 200 Club
I just left my Sunday Vitruvian yoga class and had to share with you my thoughts. The entire class is a sublime experience. There is no judgment and they are always providing technical instruction to help us hone our positions. It is an incredibly welcoming atmosphere. Almost without realizing it, my heart is pumping, my muscles are active and I feel very much alive. It’s almost like the workout sneaks up on you, ha! She always leaves us with some positive remark that keeps me focused and appreciative throughout the week.”
Meredith Giersch
When I moved from to Denver from NYC, I was worried about finding the right spot to work out, because I such had a kickass gym back east. What I found at Vitruvian surpassed my expectations. Not only have a found a crew of people to motivate me to get in the best shape of my life, but I’ve found a community to motivate and challenge me.


Tom, Sarah and Derrick have push me harder every time and manage to make me laugh through the sweat! I’d totally recommend joining to those who want a full body challenge while also paying attention to proper form and longevity.

Stephanie Burns
I love Vitruvian Fitness! I have been coming here for a little over 6 months. The team is great, the classes are always challenging and fun, and it’s been the exact push I’ve needed to become more consistent with working out. I purposely joined VF because 1, I knew the cost would force me to go every week and 2, because it had such great reviews on Yelp (I was specifically looking for a chance to work with a trainer and no other gym in the area compared to VF). I have not been disappointed.


Tom is a great motivator. On days when I’m feeling nervous about getting my butt kicked he still pushes me (but never past my limits). I always leave feeling like I accomplished something. He’s also been good at recommending books to read and small changes to my daily habits to continue on this journey towards better health. You can tell he’s passionate about what he does and really cares about his clients. Even when there are 1-2 other people training at the same time I feel like I get the personal attention I want/need.


Tom, Sarah and Derrick have push me harder every time and manage to make me laugh through the sweat! I’d totally recommend joining to those who want a full body challenge while also paying attention to proper form and longevity.

Troy Everett – 200 Club
Going to Vitruvian has made a huge difference my life. I feel better, look better, and function better in my day-to-day life. The studio has a friendly and fun vibe and there is a sense of community amongst those of us that are going to Vitruvian to live well. The trainers “know their stuff” and genuinely want to help and share their expertise.
Matt Nathan
Vitruvian Fitness is an awesome fitness studio with exceptionally high-quality training and personalized coaching. If you want to transform your fitness, your appearance, your performance in any sport, or you simply want more resilience and vitality in your everyday life– whether you’re starting from couch-potato or top competitor — this is the place!


Tom and his crew provide a phenomenal mix of precise instruction, challenge, and encouragement, with a deep knowledge of what works to keep each client improving steadily and sustainably. Simply the best fitness classes I’ve ever experienced, anywhere.

Libby Smith
Within 3 months Tom helped me go from 0 miles on a bike to over 60 as I prepared for the Tour de Cure ride. And within 3 weeks of starting I successfully rode 25 miles with Lookout Mountain in the middle. I shed unwanted pounds and increased my strength exponentially, accomplishing things in the gym I never thought I could.


Tom and his crew provide a phenomenal mix of precise instruction, challenge, and encouragement, with a deep knowledge of what works to keep each client improving steadily and sustainably. Simply the best fitness classes I’ve ever experienced, anywhere.